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Gracious & Strong

Mar 11, 2021

The unknown can manifest itself in so many ways. During my career at Walmart Inc. - I led teams through seven CEO transitions under the most scrutinizing circumstances. Each new CEO brought their own priorities and leadership style. Some came from inside the company and culture; some joined from the outside. In every case, there was disruption and a sense of insecurity as we all adjusted to the new leader.

So, for the very first episode of my new Gracious & Strong podcast, I’ve chosen to kick off with one of my favorite topics - The Gracious and Strong Mindset. I’ll unpack how the very best and most compelling leaders use this mindset to ignite a sense of purpose within themselves and those around them. I even share a very personal experience of how I faced the unknown after I was diagnosed with COVID-19, which I am thankfully fully recovered from.