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Gracious & Strong

May 24, 2021

I’m back with a brand new episode for you this week featuring one of my friends and former colleagues, Gisel Ruiz. If you don’t know Gisel, she is not only an authentic and insightful woman but an accomplished globally minded leader who recently retired from a 26-year career with Walmart, Inc.

Gisel and I had such a great conversation, I’ve decided to break this episode into two parts so you can fully focus and digest all the nuggets of information. For starters, she shares stories from her journey from a Walmart store manager to the corporate office and the insights she gained along the way. We also talk about her Latina heritage and the lessons she learned growing up as the daughter of two field workers who became small business owners.

More specifically, she shares:

  > the importance of listening to and valuing the gifts of others as a leader

  > how she never saw the odds as being stacked against her but rather in her favor

  > how she found harmony between home life and work life

I know you’ll enjoy hearing from Gisel as much as I enjoyed sitting down with her for this conversation.

Join us for Part 1 of our conversation today. Hope you can join us for Part 2 next time.