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Gracious & Strong

Sep 7, 2021

I’m thrilled to share that Part Two of my conversation with Ann Bordelon is now live. Ann is a long-time colleague and friend, and she currently serves as Vice Chancellor Finance and Administration at the University of Arkansas. 

In our interview, Ann opens up about her personal story and how she’s found great success on her CFO journey navigating various roles and organizations, complex situations, and different industries. Throughout her journey she has made significant impact through her influence in organizations including Walmart, Sam’s Club, Ernst & Young, Mitchell, and ultimately, her alma mater - the University of Arkansas.

In today’s episode, she shares her perspective on:

  • how important alignment and collaboration is within an organization - and tips on creating great alignment at all levels
  • the concept of managerial courage as a key leadership competency
  • developing the next generation of leaders through broadening experiences and championing intentional representation

It was a true pleasure to have her join me for this two-part series. If you happened to miss Part 1, listen here. Thanks to Ann for joining me for this important conversation.