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Gracious & Strong

Aug 31, 2021

Today kicks off the Part One of an interview with a person I consider one of the most confident, candid and smart leaders I know.

Ann Bordelon is currently the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration at the University of Arkansas - an ideal leadership role she has achieved following a track record of significantly impacting organizations large and small - both stateside and internationally. 

The best thing about my conversation with Ann is the candor and realness she shared. She is as straightforward and as authentic of a leader as any business could dream of - and she's the first to roll up her sleeves and dive into learning a new business in order to improve organizational health. 

Ann joins me today to talk about her journey through numerous financial roles leading to her success and impact as a CFO. Her career began as auditor in Little Rock before moving to Northwest Arkansas where she has served in roles at Walmart Inc (CFO of Sam's Club, CFO of Walmart Asia, and SVP of Finance & Strategy for Walmart US), stops at a variety of organizations along the way including Tyson Foods, Mitchell and even a startup company - a career that catapulted when she realized her ability to impact results through her breadth of vision, perspective and influence as a senior leader.

This interview was full of a-ha moments for me and I hope you'll find a few inspiring takeaways, as well. 

More specifically, Ann shares:

  • the formula she uses for learning a business and how that curiosity has served her through financial roles in a wide range of industries
  • some of the most pivotal moments of her career - particularly an unexpected one that changed her leadership story as she knew it
  • her wisdom about the importance of clarity and how that impacts a team or leader’s success
  • her commitment to building relationships at every level of a company

Join us for Part 1 of our conversation today. I know you’ll enjoy hearing Ann's story as much as I enjoyed visiting with her. Hope you can join us for Part 2 next time.